Importing run activities from Strava

When I import my run activities from Strava, the Xert almost always set them as breakthrough activities. It sets Average/Max Power too high for them.
For instance, it was a long (1h13m) and quite slow (7:20 min/km - 8.2 km/h) run but the average power was estimated by Xert as 292 W.
I don’t use any powermeter for running. How does the Xert estimate the power? Is it possible to fix the estimation?

P.S. It was indoor threadmill run.

Do you have separate profiles defined for cycling and running under your account name in upper right?
You need that if different types of activities will contain power or you enable HRDM (heart rate derived metrics). Power and HR profiles between the two types of activities are very different.
With separate profiles Strava sync for cycling can be set to Ride, Virtual, Workout and the running profile synced to running activities.

Are you running with a Garmin watch? Many newer Garmin watches estimate running power (which is often far higher than their cycling power)

If so, I might recommend syncing your runs to a separate (running) sports profile:

Yes, I’m using Garmin Fenix 7 for running. As far as I understand, in case of a separate profile for running, the runs will not affect the level of training status. Is that correct?
Actually the running activities do affect it because they load the same legs as the cycling activities :slight_smile: So, I’d prefer to have a single profile but with more correct calculation model for running activities…

Garmin Fenix 7 has run power, and if you import these runs into your cycling profile your training load calculations will be wrong and you will most likely get false breakthroughs. Run power in Garmin is typically higher than the power reported on a cycling power meter.

If you only use HR it should be “okay”, but not recommended.