Imported file values - strange

Hi there, I just imported a number of files the other day and I notices that they are all showing very strange values for threshold watts and w/kg etc. I imported a ride today and at first it was showing the appropriate information then it refreshed later on and not is shows the same values as every other ride in the system
67165 W 5575.5 kJ 16121 W. Any ideas as to why this would happen. It makes all the computed values erroneous as a result. Thanks
Xert1 Xert2

Can you provide some more details on what you did prior to seeing this? You can correct it by doing a progression recalculation using a seed value. Instructions are in out FAQs. If you trouble, let us know.

okay I ended up deleting a lot of older files to see what that would do as well. I updated the progression seed and it did help but not fully. When I deleted the older files it corrected itself and is now more accurate. Thanks. I will keep testing this info.

Thanks. I believe we’ve isolated the issue and will be putting in a fix shortly after some regression testing. Thanks for your help!

The issue should now be resolved. It occurred when activities were added that came well before the earliest activity.