Import of data

I tried to import last 2 years of data about 1000 activities. I noticed a lot of rides especially races or “the same” boring training rides are missing once I get confirmation about successful import. What is the best way to import large set of data? I would like to import at list 2 years to see previous seasons. I have also noticed dates are off on almost all rides, looks like they are one day behind.

Check your Activities table and see if there are some with strange dates. You should remove them. Also check your default timezone in settings. Activities without GPS will be assigned this timezone. If you run into issues with specific rides, you can try and use other tools. There are FIT file editting tools. GoldenCheetah will allow you to modify/correct data. You can then export to TCX and upload those.

My Activities all seem to be incorrect in Table view. Original fit files are good as I have them in WKO4 and GC and they are fine. When I open table View I can see eg: Under date: Feb 22 2018, 12:25 AM but activity is from: 2018-02-21-19-25-08, it seems like discrepancy is always around one day.

What is your timezone setting in Account Settings?

UTC -5:00 (I’m from Toronto)

If you imported them after a change in TMZ, you may need to reimport them again to get the new times.

so first set the time zone then import?