Import From Strava - Periods of no XSS score

I’ve recently synced my activities from strava, some of which were recorded without a power meter.
All of these activities have shown up correctly in the fitness planner, but there are large batches that are not in the progression chart and have not calculated an XSS score. Is there something wrong, and is there a way to reimport?

Hi Ryan,

As of now (and something we are working on), activities without power do not get an XSS score assigned. Its not an easy calculation to substitute since we are measuring XSS in 3 dimensions so power data is the best way to measure this. You can manually input the XSS, Focus and Specificity Rating for your activities without power. See the FAQ on ways to estimate this. We’re looking to make this process easier as part of upcoming releases of the software.

Thanks Armando. I figured that was the case, but it was interesting that I had some activities that ended up with an XSS that did not have a power recording. I think it must have referenced the Strava estimated power.

Looking forward to the improvements, I’m enjoying Xert so far!