Import from Garmin Connect not working

Hi – I am currently on the trial and while I see new workouts shows up in Garmin Connect (e.g. I do a Zwift workout and it shows up), but they don’t sync to xert.

I can import them manually, but that doesn’t seem like a good long term solution. Any thoughts?

Did you link Garmin to Xert? You can enable it from the left side menu bar, under Sync/Garmin Connect.

Yes, indeed… it says it is linked

Does it also show up in GC, under Account Settings, at the bottom of the Account Information - under Applications - tab? If it does, disconnect, do the same from Xert and try a reconnect. If that doesn’t help, I don’t know, but you can send an email to support…

It was showing up in GC under Account Settings… I disconnected them both (first GC, then Xert) and renabled from Xert… that seems to have fixed it… Thanks


Happens every now and then - probably after Garmin changes something…

Almost always the issues with Sync is when Garmin or Strava update things…

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