Import does not work (Strava and TrainingPeaks)

I have tried to import historic data from Strava (automatic sync) and because it did not work properly (no powerdata are imported) i tried the batch-export from TrainingPeaks with the same result. Several activities are not imported because of an error (there are no details concerning the error - so i don’t no the reason) and the activities which are imported contain no powerdata. Any idea to get the activities with powerdata included into the XertOnline? Thanks, Julio

Do the activities have real power data or estimated power data from Strava?

The activities have real power

Thanks for your quick reply - the problem is solved - i have read in the forum, that there are problems with old accounts. So i registered with a new user and the import did work very well. Julio

Hi Julio. May I know when did you import your Strava Activities if you still remember? So we can check some logs and to
work for this issue. Thanks

Hi Pan, it was on the 20th October. Welcome, Julio

Thanks Julio.

Hello Julio. We already working for this issue and already tried to look for the log last 20th of October. But can we ask you again to re-import your strava activities in ‘julio formosa’ account? Just to reproduce the issue.