Im trying to set up an event but i can get it work for me

I try to set up an event on june 15 but somehow is not achievable or i have to add more days…
What im doing wrong?


Hi Gino,

Looks like you haven’t added any XSS to your target event:

You can try using the ForecastAI Wizard in the top right-hand corner for a little more assistance with setting up your plan for an Event:

From there, you can enter your Target Event date, Event Type, terrain, expected duration & your maximum weekly hours that you think you could train. Xert will use that info to help set up your training plan:


Yes i know but even if i do the program will deny :pensive:


I did a new test now
I put as a target a Higher WATTAGE lets say e.g. 250 to 300 until 15 of june
The program says that is achievable BUT i got to train every day with NO rest at all !
Is that Correct? Looks Crazy to me

Lower your target and recast the plan or define a rest day of the week using Availability and Adapt Forecast. For example, Mondays off.
Otherwise, the Low Intensity days in the forecast should be sufficient to meet the recovery demands expected.

Ok ! I will try
I thought the AI would do the job for me

By default, Forecast AI runs without any constraints to determine what’s possible.
Once you define Availability the routine applies those constraints against your plan when you run Adapt Forecast. If you leave Availability defined future runs of Forecast AI also consider your weekly schedule.

I have reset all data from the beginning and put 1 year of historical data on XERT both Watt and Heart rate. I run on FAI a target event on June 15 ( 6 hours 30 minutes riding on the XCM course)but still, the AI doesn’t allow me to do it. So I decide to opt for a Goal of increasing WATT for the same date. So now the FAI finally found a sustainable program. My question is: Is there any difference in training advice from the previous 120-day program and this new Feature AI? I started with Xert in 2017 and left in 2019… But now I’m back again and I found these new features which is very good but I believe still in BETA …

FAI is definitely different than a 120 Day Program starting with the ability to define Availability plus adjust Polarization and Periodization levels. You’ll also notice a variable ramp rate is plotted by FAI rather than being a manual setting. And of course the biggest difference is a pre populated calendar displaying a map to your destination.
You can still take detours along the way and Adapt Forecast will make course corrections for you.