I'm not a Sprinter

So how do I change my athlete type to Endurance from sprinter?

thank you GP

Account Settings in upper right, Athlete Type.
What type of athlete you are it depends on what you are good it according to your current data history. View the spider chart under Rankings to get an idea.
Athlete type determines what focus/duration is used for recommended workouts. During base phase the difference is minimal (endurance focus regardless) but as you move from Base to Build to Peak focus will migrate towards your current athlete setting.
You may also decide to work on a weakness instead of a strength by picking a different focus. Athlete types fall roughly into a quadrant so if you change type for that purpose you want one in a different quadrant.

Athlete Type – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
Program Phases – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

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