I'm into my race season - so what now?

Hi, Just did my first race of the year yesterday and there are 10 or so races right through until October. I want to carry on using XERT and training right through the summer. My question is what is the right approach to using XERT during the race season. The races are road races of 50km or more, some flat some hilly. I want to continue to improve my fitness as well. XERT has been outstanding as a training tool for me, worth every penny and more, Thank you.

Hi Stephen, glad to hear you are enjoying Xert!

I would recommend setting your target event date for your “A” race of the year, or the one that is most important to you. You can use the improvement rate to taper for smaller B/C races. Since you mentioned you’ll be racing around once weekly, you will want to monitor your fatigue. XATA can help do this by suggesting recovery rides or rest days when your training is ahead of schedule or when it detects you may be at risk of overtraining. It will also suggest workouts of an optimal intensity and duration on days that you are fresh.

What do you have your athlete type set as? To optimize your training for those weekly races, take a look at what the focus duration of those races tends to be, and use that to select your athlete type. This will help XATA tailer your training towards improving at the efforts needed to succeed in those races.

We have a very active Facebook community that can also provide advice on how t hey are using Xert during their racing season. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/XertUsers/

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, Cheers.