Ignoring weekly format

I’ve been using xert for over a year now and love it.

Up until now I’ve been following a weekly layout where I ride Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun every week.

I’m now pretty much retired and have the ability to ride for any duration on any day of the week. I love riding my bike whether indoors or (preferably) outdoors.

Do I need to keep following a weekly format or is xert capable of providing me with an increasing PL to my 1st event of 2022 (April 24th 2022)? Irrespective of which day of the week it is and my history of riding on these days.

Can I just ride according to xata recommended durations and stars without bothering about what day of the week it is?

I hope that makes sense.



Hi George,

The recommendations for XATA are based on the assumption that you typically ride the same day(s) each week, but it’s not required that you follow the same pattern each week. This is what can make XATA a very helpful tool while trying to maintain your selected improvement rate. I would recommend using a time filter when you are doing dedicated workouts indoors to see recommended workouts based on how long you have available to train. By default, workouts are recommended by the ‘typical training time’ for that day of the week. (e.g. if you tend to do long rides on Saturdays, then XATA will eventually recommend longer workouts on Sat).

Hope this helps!

That does help Scott thanks.