Identify devices after GC import

Hi, I would like to know if there is any easy way to identify the recording device after an import via Garmin Connect, as every activity only gets a very cryptic number.
The reason for me to ask is, that I am doing triathlon and therefore I’m using a Garmin Fenix and just for the bike an Edge 520. Both get imported in GC a bike rides show up twice in Xert.
One coming from the Fenix one from the Edge. In GC I then erase the Fenix bike ride. I think the activity already gets synced when it is uploaded from the device, so it would be helpful to know which of the activities is the on from the Fenix.
One (connected?) issue is, that the same ride from the Fenix and Edge are evaluated differently by Xert.
Many greetings

Unfortunately, we don’t store that information in the system at this time. You can export the original FIT file and I believe the information is in the file. Sorry we can’t help you.