Idea to solve Long endurance rides, and mpa(problem with xert)

@xertedbrain @ManofSteele i had an idea that could be to include loe(low intensity energy) into xert. so long time spent at under ltp will slowly drain loe and therefore slowly bring mpa down as loe is reduced due to fatigue on a long ride (in the real world the maximum power you can do is reduced on a long ride ). so it requires less power to get a breakthrough after a long time spent at below ltp(due to fatigue, due to time spent at loe bringing mpa down), it would also allow sub ltp to be trained by increasing loe ?(it would explain why professional riders are better at efforts on a long ride and would solve a long help problem with xert with regard to long rides and breakthrough’s


that sounds easy but as you note that professional riders can deal with long rides (because they train and race long duration) better than recreational riders. So how do you form the equation for this rate of decline? I was thinking one option may be heart rate decoupling? This requires time to determine and if you do not typically ride long enough at or below LTP to decouple then where does XERT draw the info from? It is not an easy thing to come up with the constant for this effect.

think pros are better at longer efforts simply due to a very high loe,a high loe will see mpa going down at a slower rate when doing long rides, however recreational riders will see a faster reduction in mpa in long rides below ltp due to a lower loe, its just a suggestion to solve a long held problem

I think @xertedbrain has mentioned it is something they would like to crack but the how is not that easy. Efforts over TP are some things that seems to work quite well with the current inputs of HIE, MPA and TP/LTP. The longer range reduction in MPA is not a simple equation for all people or efforts… above TP equations seem to work pretty well but below TP not so much. I know it is something they want, and I am sure they have been putting thought to but I don’t expect it is easy.

i did not suggest that it would be easy, i suggested a possible way that they could do it

here is something from Armando:

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yup its looks like something they are looking to solve, hope they can do it :clap: