Idea for a small change in the adaptive training advisor

when i go to look at the Training tab of xert my fitness, the first thing i see is the Xert adaptive training advisor (XATA) telling me my training deficit as of 11:59 PM. Now the XATA knows that i have entered in my plan a ride for N XSS planned for 4 pm later on today… but for me it is very easy to forget that I had this in my planner. Because I’m not good at following a planner all the time, I might have decided that i wanted to do a ride right now because some meeting got canceled. I might never look at my planner for the day and choose to listen to the advice given on the XATA which is assuming i complete the ride i had scheduled for later in the day.

I feel that you might provide the user with a bit more clarity if you gently remind the user that they have a ride scheduled for later on in the day which XATA is assuming I will complete. see screen shot with added text on the first line in the text box.

Good idea. I’d also like to see an on/off radio button for XATA’s taking into account previous weeks workouts. I do longer 2 1/2 hrs+ at various days during the week, depending on my schedule, which is fluid. XATA does me no good recommending a 2 hr ride today simply because I’ve done 2 hr rides on this weekday in the past. I’d like to turn that feature off.

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Useful idea. Thanks for suggesting.

What should it base it on?

Better question. What DOES it base it on?

You had it right: “Previous weeks workouts” (activities more precisely).

Your turn.

I don’t see how that can be all the logic consists of, as I can see XATA recommending activities on days I haven’t worked out on in the past. So what is the complete logic?

I would like this too, assuming it can be done in a way that doesn’t add more complexity to the interface.

I will usually change around the typical structure of my weekday activities if I have done a hard group ride on the preceding Sunday, so XATA has maybe a 50% chance of being useful.

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The XATA logic is based on a (generally) repeating weekly pattern. Works well in most cases.

Note that you can already filter the XATA recommended workouts by duration. You should be doing this if you only have 1 hour to train, for example.

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Great idea

Could it not assume that there are no time constraints and just propose the training that would be best in light of my tiredness and my goals?

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