I want to modify ftp in training, how do I do it?

Hello, I just started with Xert, wanting to do one of the training that he recommends, I want to download FTP, I download it in Fitness Signature from the selected training but I can not save the training with the new FTP, how do I do it?

Hi Alfonso,

I’n afraid I don’t understand the question. Can you re-state the question please?

I would like to download the FTP in the SMART training, so that it is not so hard, I lower it but when I select it to be done with the phone, it continues to pose with Xert’s FTP without modifying

Okay, I think I am understanding you.

You can scale the difficulty of the workout while doing a workout by using our workout players (Android/Garmin/iOS).
Or do you think that your Threshold Power is too high and you wish to decrease it in the software?

yes please, in the software

If you go to your last ride, go to the ‘Advanced MPA’ tab. There you can scale TP down to where you think it should be. When you’ve done that, hit save and it should update. Hope that helps!