I think there may be errors in my Fitness Signature

Hi, I think there may be an error in my fitness signature. I can’t currently seem to get close to hitting my MPA. Potentially either my High Intensity Energy is underestimated or my Threshold Power overestimated, or my Peak Power overestimated. Would someone be able to have a look and see if they can figure this out?

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Without further info and possibly access to your data, we won’t be able to help you. But, I suggest you drop support@xertonline.com an email if the support pages didn’t offer you a possible explanation or solution.

Hi Thomas,

Check out our FAQ on this topic here: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/is-my-fitness-signature-right/

Perhaps posting a screenshot of your 3 month XPMC and the MPA chart from your last maximal effort activity will help the community assist you. Else, you can contact the support team, as @Cyclopaat mentioned above. Cheers!

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I think there are errors in my fitness signature as well.

Peak power should be 500watts more and TP could do with upping 100w at least. :slight_smile:


If that is a serious remark and I take it that it is, since you seriously commented in another tread, you might also want to (double) check your data entries and/or email Support…

Definitely not a serious comment. I hoped the smiley at the end would indicate that.

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Nine out of ten times, the data is flawed, possibly combined with people not doing any real max efforts the way they are supposed to do them.

I figured, but yeah…

people not doing any real max efforts the way they are supposed to do them.

This is my concern I guess, with my current max efforts I am not getting close to any breakthroughs, so I was thinking my max power available may be too high. I did have a breakthrough two weeks ago in a race and haven’t been close to that since.

Just on my phone currently but will post some data shortly

So I’ve made a few rides public to have a look. Here’s my last breakthrough:
Wednesday November 6th: hcc (race) - Xert

Then here are two other rides done more recently:

Wednesday November 13th: Sandown crit (race)

Sunday November 24th: duel boulies

Monday November 25th: Mt Pleasant with Swall

All of these had ‘max efforts’ included in them but didn’t get close to a breakthrough. In Sandown crit I put in a few huge efforts but near the end ended up pulling back a break for my teammate so I did not sprint but just pushed above FTP for ~10mins til I blew. In Mt Pleasant with Swall at the 1:27:30 mark I did a personal record time up a 800m climb. I would have thought this would have been up there but I would have had to do another almost 700 watts to reach a breakthrough at the end.

Another point to note is my MPA is estimated to be 1450 watts, however I think the max I’ve ever peaked at is around 1350w. Though I did have some dodgy power spikes up to 2000w at some stage which I saw in other software but not mentioned in xert. Could I need to find and flag those activities?

If you go to your activity table, you can add the column “Maximum Power” and find if there is an activity that has a power spike in it.

Many people find that their race efforts are higher than their typical training efforts. If you feel that is the case, then you can flag the race that resulted in the big breakthrough.

Small mistake here, but I think it’s one that is worth pointing out. MPA is a dynamic value that changes as you ride above/below TP. MPA is anchored to your PP when you’re fresh. So you could potentially have an error in your PP data somewhere. Use the activity table like mentioned above to find it and fix it.

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It seems I have quite a few rides where I didn’t do a sprint and it says my Peak Power is 1490w. Here’s a quick screenshot. The first two rides are commutes, so I assumed Peak Power was related to previous activities, not the max i generated during that activity. What’s the go here?

Oh hang on a sec, just added the Max Power column. What’s the difference between Peak Power and Max Power?

Max Power is the maximum 1s power recorded during the activity. Peak Power is the highest 1s power taken from your Fitness Signature. Hope that makes sense. Looks like your Peak Power should be in the ~1300-1350 range.

Yep so it appears peak power is a bit too high. Is it best to lower this manually or remove activities to make it work?

If Max Power is (most likely) the result of an erroneous recording, I would flag the ride, or fix it using fitfiletools.com - you can (bulk) remove any value(s) above a certain threshold easily and then re-import the fixed file.

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