I spent summer not using a power meter, will xert use heart rate like strava doe

s or do I have to have a power meter ?

At the moment, Xert relies on power data to assess your fitness level and to detect the improvements you’re making day-to-day based on the training you’re doing. Although heart-rate is an excellent source of physiological data, it doesn’t yet show you on its own what your fitness level is or how you might be improving. Technically, it would be possible to estimate improvements based on some of our new algorithms that we have been working on and this may in fact be part of the scope of opportunity we have presenting analytics based on heart-rate. There are many possibilities and we wish we had them all available at the moment.

First steps will be to enable those with an HRM and a power meter to analyze their HR-only activities using patterns established when both HR and power data are present in your activity data. From there, we can look at how we might be able to provide similar features to those without a power meter for calibration.

So stay tuned…

no prob, thanks for explaining it, its great it may happen at some point…IM using Zwift all winter so I can save up for a power meter in the spring!

That would be a great thing to get some strain estimates from HR data. Especially using a comparison from information on HR+Power rides, likely even having the algorithm be a bit personalized? I don’t have a power meter on the commuter bike, but I do usually ride with a HR strap. I won’t be back on that bike outside until early spring, but it would also be slick to be able to fill in from my rides over the last couple years that were done without power.