I seem to be perpetually "fresh" even though I have ridden 5 days in a row

I am looking at Xert for training suggestions and it seems to be perpetually stuck in saying I am “fresh” I have ridden 5 days in a row, 10 out of last 12, typically 60 to 90 minutes, several days hard with breakthroughs, a few laid back rides, and it keeps saying I am fresh. My rides have been around 100 TSS, a few more a few a bit less. I can tell I am a bit tired. Has something changed with Xert algorithm? Last year, it seemed to be the reverse, where it was saying I was tired, even though I felt ok and now I am always “fresh”.

Only thing I can think of is you may have accidentally moved the freshness slider all the way to right?

What freshness slider? I don’t see one


I found the freshness slider under Goals. It was at zero. I changed it to -2 and it switched from fresh to tired which is true and was true a few days ago. I guess I’m at the boundary condition of the algorithm.
Today I’m at 3 stars, TL=81.7, recover load=99.2, form= -17.5 = fresh with slider at 0
Yesterday: TL=80.3, RL=93.1,form= -14.8 = fresh with slider at 0

The way it normally works for me is tired status displays after I ride a suggested workout but status has returned to fresh before the next workout. If not but I am feeling fresh I adjust the slider to the right. If back to fresh but still feel tired I move the slider to the left.
Currently my slider is at +2 and has remained there for a good number of weeks in base phase.
I have adjusted the slider in both directions depending on phase and workout intensity and how I feel before a ride. As you do this and click Update the recommended workout list will change accordingly.

This chart explains the colours

Note that it’s not just overall loads, but there is a separate check of high & peak loads specifically, so that when you do high intensity it recommends endurance rides (yellow). Goes some way toward polarizing training. Also, without high intensity, it gets hard to become tired when you have a high TL as you need form to be -30% of TL

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