I’m sick

Well I played around with Freshness for kicks, but I’m not riding at all so it doesn’t seem to really matter much what the recommended workout is. I’m laying in bed wishing I had more energy and less nose blowing.

Meanwhile, my training deficit gets larger and larger every day. I guess when I get back into it that’ll be the time to adjust sliders. I suppose I’ll catch back up some time lol.

Sorry to hear that. Get better soon.
In the meantime, change your ramp rate (IR) to off-season and the needle won’t look as bad. :slight_smile:

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Remember that deficits don’t carry over week-to-week so once you’re feeling better (hopefully soon!), you can just pick up from where you left off. Set it back to what you feel you can achieve and follow it.

Get well!

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I prob needed a rest week anyway :joy:. Had my best ever breakthrough Monday.


Myself and my whole family are “omicron’ed” currently - just scheduling as a rest week… Worst seems to be over so hoping to be back on the bike at the weekend. Calendar is now showing Fresh!

Get well soon. I had to adjust my freshness slider down a bunch when I started riding. I’m almost back to normal. These last few workouts have been feeling pretty gnarly though.