HRM - Garmin Dual does not pair

For some odd reason, I see that the HRM is connected to my phone ios but when I go to senors, I see it identified in the Xert app, but does not turn blue nor does it read data. I went to settings on phone and clicked forget this device I saw it turn blue momentarily when I went back to the app, but went gray again.

Not sure what else I can check or do…

I know a few users have mentioned similar issues with their Garmin HRM dual. In the zwift forum, it seems that a factory reset of the iOS device resolved the issue. You could back up your iPhone to the cloud, then do a factory reset & restore the device from the cloud. Should get things to working order.

Read more here:

Thanks for the info … have been reading and the factory reset suggested is not using a cloud back up, rather start from scratch… lots of work in order for this one piece of data. I was using my ANT dongle with Zwift and trainerroad without any issue. Will keep searching for a solution.

Well found an old Iphone and just used it without cellular and it just worked. The reset seemed a bit much but appreciate the help

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