HRDM with power data

I uploaded 6 months of activity with garmin, all done on home trainer with power and heart rate data.
For the hrdm it is noted that: " Note that the metrics are only evaluated with heart rate for activities that do not contain power data"
So, if all my activities contained power data, theoretically the hrdm should have had no influence, but I have lost almost 30W since I recalculated my progress by activating the hrdm, and impossible to find them again disabling this feature, anyone know why please?

Whenever you use the recalculate button you have to fill in reasonable values for your signature and training load for the day of your first activity in the Xert database. It calculates from there and it prefills with the current value for the signature and thus it can change even if no data has changed. With the same starting values it should come to the same current value though.

So your change has probably nothing to do with HRDM. The HRDM system learns from your data with power for some days that you might not have power available when it estimates from HR and cadence what the power, and thus XSS, focus… might have been.


@idefix is correct! Feel free to reach out to support with additional details if you’d like additional assistance!

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I put 200W Threshold Power (initial default) before recalculating and now I have the good value.
I didn’t know that you had to put the starting value under “Fitness Signature” in “Profile” before recalculating

Glad you got it sorted! There is a bit of a ‘butterfly effect’ in play with Xert… The starting signature determines the XSS from the first activity, which influences the XSS (and Breakthrough) of first activity, which influences changes in your signature for the second activity… and so on.