HR monitor faulty, I can flag just that data in rides?

Hey folks,
I’ve become suspicious about my heart rate monitor and its accuracy lately. Been working through a few club events (solo) and achieved my highest ever heart rates, ones waaaay over 200 which I’m not sure is possible at my age.

Anyway, bought a Tickr.
If I go back and flag previous rides with the questionable data does that invalidate all other data in those rides too?
Or can I just flag and remove HR data from an activity?


Yes, by using - run it through that service and then reload it into Xert.

A word of caution - you will probably feel that your HR is not and cannot be that high, but it does happen and can be a serious problem. If in doubt, consult a doctor…

Thanks Robert, I will look into that and, if the HR monitor also reports high I’ll follow up there too :+1:

You’re welcome - that site comes in handy if you need to fix data, like power spikes.

Btw, I think Xert doesn’t really ‘do’ anything with your HR, so it wouldn’t skew your numbers, unless you have no PM.

More concerned about the possibility of arrhythmia - there was a discussion on a while back, where the consensus was ‘no way, faulty monitor’, but as it turned out, it was not a faulty monitor…

Really do appreciate the concern Robert. Had the new HR monitor for about 10 days now and I’ve never gone past where I’d expect to be. Put the old one on brief.y again today and it read 250. Fairly certain it’s just developed a fault but I certainly will keep an eye on things, thanks.

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