HR Issue on Xert HBC

Hi Everyone,

New user, still trying to figure out my optimal indoor setup. After using 2 or 3 configurations, it appears that using the EBC on my Android phone is optimal. However, the HR reading I am getting on the EBC is not accurate. It appears to be showing half of my actual HR. It periodically will show the correct HR, but that usually only lasts a few seconds and then it is back to showing half the HR again.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this? My setup is a Zwift Hub smart trainer, using the power meter from the trainer (no power match), and Garmin Pro HR strap.


Are you running any other apps at same time that may be trying to grab the BT connection to the HR strap?
Did you pair your HR strap to the Zwift Hub to use the bridge pass-through feature?

I don’t think I am, but it is possible, I will take a look.

As for the Hub, I don’t think it is synching with the HR strap and that was what I was thinking may be an issue, everything else syncs with the Hub…not sure how to get the HR strap to sync to it, though?

I’m thinking you should make sure the HR bridge option is disabled unless you plan to use Zwift at the same time with HR paired to Zwift.

Pairing a Heart Rate Monitor to the Zwift Hub