HR file glitch

Hi folks, please see below two HR files from yesterdays ride one from garmin and one from Xert.
The xert HR file has a long flat glitch in the middle, leading it to be flagged. Subsequently no xss for a tough 4 hour ride.
Strangely the glitch isn’t in the garmin data file, which is the primary source. How can this happen? Any help appreciated.

Garmin may not include paused time in their chart - Xert always shows it since MPA will recover regardless of whether your device is paused or not.

If the activity is flagged, you could just un-flag the activity and you should receive the XSS for the ride.

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Ok makes sense, is there away to avoid this in future? Sunday endurance rides always feature a cafe stop. :joy:

Thank you

@ManofSteele any help resolving this, I don’t want every cafe ride that involves a stop to result in corrupt data. How do I prevent Xert data from faltering when activity paused?

Thank you

You could stop and save the recording and then start a new recording when you begin riding again. Then using fitfiletools you can join the two files together as one continuous ride.

I could, but that seems a bit of a pain.

Surely there must be others who stop for a mid ride cafe, but still upload and want data and xss to count towards weekly total.

Just unflag it then and you’ll get the numbers. I mean we should be recording breaks as they benefit recovery during rides. (MPA)

Keep your bike computer on you so your HR data gets continuously recorded. If you don’t, EBC will fill in missing data with your last HR data since it is needed for proper recovery calculations.

Btw, do you use a cadence sensor?

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Thank you @xertedbrain

Yes I use hrm and cadence.

I tried to unflagging the ride last time, but never changed. I appreciate recovery needs to be accounted for, issue is that recovery corrupted the file. Subsequently had to guess xss and input manually.

Auto pause and HR are a bit of a challenge. Unlike speed, power or cadence that can simply be filled in with 0s during the pauses, HR can’t. Hence, don’t use autopause and keep your HR data recording the whole time. We’ll need to build in some more sophisticated logic to address this in the future.

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