HR & Cadence on Strava

yes, it’d be great to calculate power from other data available from Garmin/Strava, so much of my fall winter riding is on CX and MTB, or even my “Rain” Road bike, none have power meters… my fitness signature is suffering this, and as noted below, i KNOW i am getting MORE physically fit, not less… that, and, those darn stars! is the fix for this coming? or, is there a nifty trick i am missing? thank you.

Hi Bradley, I think you saw my response to your support ticket, but we’re working on a feature to address this. Be sure to record your non-power rides with HR (and cadence if you have it) and stay tuned! Cheers

yes i did scott, thank YOU… yes, all my rides have at least heart rate, and most have cadence as well… that data is aggregated on strava, so as long as Xert imports this data with each ride, those data points will be there for the calculations! thank you again.