How would 14 vs 4 rides per week with same total distance effect my fitness/performance?

I commute to work daily which gives me about 20km per day plus a couple of training rides on top of that which might give me another 40-80km per week. So a total of about 140-180km/week.

My question is how much of a difference it would do to my fitness and performance if i did all of this on lets say 4-5 occasions instead of about 12-14?

To put it short, would a version of me that did x amount of distance on 12-14 occasions per week beat a version of me that did the same distance on 4-5 occasions per week by much in a race?

I used to do the same. I’ll assume for this that all riding is of equal intensity.

I would say the 4-5 ride per week ‘you’ has the advantage, due to the time it takes on those short commutes to get your system firing and generating some fatigue with which you can recover from and improve. You would accumulate more stress and generate more adaptation with the longer rides.

Absolutely Adam,
The commute is good base miles but it is not going to allow you much development.
It will also make you good at cytlimhg steady state for 10K at a time but will not give you the development you get from riding a 2-3 hour session.
A combination of both would be the best option. Easy days commuting a couple of times a week and then some longer/harder sessions on the other days.

Ok great to know. Thank you :+1: