How to tell if fitness signature is right.

Hi. I’ve been using xert a few months now. and have downloaded a few yrs worth of rides into it. i race pretty much each weekend. i can do rides or races where i feel like I’m completely on the edge, and sometimes even get to the point of blowing and getting dropped, but xert makes it look like the ride was a piece of cake!! The mpa line never gets anywhere near dropping down to meet the power line. according to xert all my rides I’m just cruising along.

We just pushed in a fix that creates a bit more sensitivity to fitness changes. This should pick up more changes in your fitness moving forward.

I have exactly the same problem. Just did a race 2 weeks ago. It was a huge effort and thought it will be a great piece of data. I went completely empty, did last breath sprint, reached season’s highest heart rate at the finish line. But MPA dropped for a moment somewhere in the middle of the race, went back to the max and stayed there. Like there was no fatigue at all and I’m sure I was pretty tired :slight_smile:

Which activity? I’m seeing some pretty fantastic MPA charts the last couple of weeks.

Activity is called Visegrad Race, Sep 17th and thank you very much :slight_smile: I was working pretty hard lately. Maybe I just don’t understand the concept well enough yet. My understanding is that when MPA goes back up this means I recovered and max power is again achievable. Which was definitely not the case during my last meters of finish line sprint.

Your data may have been cutoff since there is no final sprint. Also, over longer rides your ability to express your max capabilities diminishes with long-term or slow-recovery fatigue. We talk a bit about this in our blogs and glossary.