How to share an activity? (so others can see how great Xert is)

Is there a way to get a ‘shareable’ link for an activity? I’ve been talking about Xert with some friends but it would help explain it all to have a ‘live’ example I can give them without needing an active account.

Your’e not the first to ask. We’ll look into it. … and thanks!

Would you want your fitness signature to be displayed or hidden?

Optional would be optimal. :wink: To me the key part to show off is the MPA/Power chart. And its easier to understand that if the MPA and Threshold values are shown. Though I guess you could just show them on the chart but not define them with a value.

As for the actual numbers shown below for the fitness signature… for me, I have no problem showing it; my power is so low I have nothing to hide.

The example I want to show at the moment is activity “dawyonzipgahcpmy”. My first real maximal efforts since using Xert, and its just so eerily accurate. On my first hard effort I pulled up a little short, figuring I had probably ~10 seconds more at that power; looking at the MPA chart shows that in about 15 seconds I would have topped out.