How to send an xert activity to garmin connect

I just acquired a Garmin Forerunner 735XT, and think that I like it better than my Apple Watch, and I’ve started tracking my training in Garmin Connect.

‘uploading’ my Xert activity to Garmin turned out to be easy enough (once I found a forum entry that explained how). However, both my Garmin recorded activities, and my Xert recorded activities automatically upload to Strava. As a result, when I upload my Xert activity to Garmin, Garmin then uploads that to Strava, and I get a duplicate entry in Strava.

For now, I just deleted the duplicate Strava entry. Is there a better way? I can imagine that if left for long enough in Strava, Strava sync might then duplicate the activity in Xert as well (makes my head spin). Maybe the solution is via Garmin, i.e. some setting that suppresses automatic exporting of manually imported activities. Will also check there.