How to scale Xert workouts to account for lower indoor TP

I’m using Xert’s workout player on Connect IQ using a Garmin Edge 530. How can I scale the entire workout down to some %, say 90%, to account for power differences between indoor and outdoor? Yes I understand that heat, bicycle movement and my lack of mental strength are the real issue, but at least for the start of indoor season, I need a little transitional support. Thanks.

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Not familiar with the player on Garmin, but on both the iOS and Android app there’s the +/- to adjust intensity. If that’s not on the Garmin I would considering using your phone/tablet of choice for indoor training.

As far as how much, I personally noticed a 2-3% difference, I generally start at 100% then drop it 1% at the time if needed.

Investing in a good fan (I have two, a Wahoo on the floor and one on the ceiling) is a good idea.

Before loading the workout, you can adjust the intensity, by lowering the FTP number, but you need to save it as a copy.

As to in- versus outdoor TP, Xert doesn’t think that way, so I’m not sure if there’s an easier way to make the adjustment.

The obvious way, is to fail the prescribed workout(s) so Xert will adapt your TP downwards… A little more stressful would be to do a workout as hard as you can, until failure, and see what that returns.

In my experience, the difference is vastly depending on the athlete’s ability to cope with the added stress of indoor workouts. I don’t think it’s 10% though - I use -10 Watts, but to be honest, if I want to, I can really hit my ‘outside’ TP during an indoor workout too…

As Marco pointed out, cooling is extremely important, but also hydration is something many tend to overlook.

I’ve got 2 big fans and my trainer is next to an open window. I did the weighing thing before and after an hours easy Endurance session and I still lost 0.7kg of fluid according to my scales.It really surprised me considering I never felt hot during the workout.

I’m not surprised. I’ve lost up to 2 kg of ‘weight’ after an intense > 2h workout, even though I consumed three bottles of 600 ml.

I recently decided to put a Precision Hydration 1000 tab in at least one of them for those occasions. Even for a shorter (1h to 1.5h) workout, I add a 500 tab in one of the two bottles.

Since I heard about Precision Hydration - I was looking for a solution for my problem with cramps -, I learned that sodium could be the answer, so I began to add salt in my water (about 1/8 tsp per liter, plus some sugar and lemon juice), and let some salt melt on my tongue before drinking a few deciliters of water 30-60mn before a ride, and it seems that I now need less water during those long and/or intense rides. At least I feel less thirsty, and less prone to those cramps.

Yet, now that I’m back to indoors training, I feel like I really need to reduce the intensity, 'cause I can’t finish the workouts as is ! For ex., during the last few weeks, I did 3 Seiler 4x8 workouts on the road, and I was able to maintain about 296-297W during the 4 intervals. Today I tried to it do on the home trainer and… I had to leave after only one interval (at about 293W): I was wiped out ! And I’m using the same power-meter.

So, I agree, I would like to see a strategy, a method, to effectively compensate for the difference between indoors/outdoors power, with Xert…

I’m afraid I am not a believer in “lower indoor FTP”. :slight_smile:

Even “big fans” might not be good enough, with fans for indoor training it’s all about the air speed. They have to be the turbine type, or like the Lasko high velocity ones.

I would bet hard $ that with excellent cooling and sufficient motivation (Zwift races help) everyone can output the same same power as on the road. If that perfect setup doesn’t exist yet, maybe instead of making adjustments for a “lower FTP” do Xert workouts with a lower difficulty.

It’s mostly mental, but also physical - @GoustiFruit brings up hard indoor efforts, which you would typically be able to do outdoors, as you’ll stand on your pedals and sway your bike. Not being able to that on virtually every indoor setup alone, makes a difference.

OK I will make an exception to my rule for all-out sprints, but that’s it. :smiley:

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I don’t even stand on the pedals to do a Seiler workout ! But it was toooo hard to finish !

I also read the thread on TR :slight_smile: And I got the Vacmaster Air Mover, twice the price of the Lasko, but at least it’s available in Europe ! And I feel the difference, it’s a great improvement over my previous fan. Not enough yet, to allow me to push the same watts as outdoors.