How to retroactively change my fitness signature

Hi, I want to update my progression chart. I want to use my current fitness signature which I have just tested, and retroactively apply those numbers beginning at January 1, 2018 as the numbers would have been similar then. I read some blog posts on how to do it, but I don’t seem to be able to do it. I’ve gone back to the January 1, 2018 activity and tried to change the figures but I can not edit it. Also, how do I fix that signature through a long base training period coming up. Thanks

If you click on the Advanced tab on the Activity Details, you can edit the signature at the bottom of the page. :slight_smile: Then click the Save/Lock button and it will trickle-down to all newer activities.

Done! thanks. Is my fitness signature now locked? And if so, will my next break-though workout update the signature automatically or do I have to unlock it?

It is only locked for the one activity. Everything will work as before but with your new signature.

Thanks again.