How to "restart"?

I’ve had a year of injuries with two 3-month gaps in training. I have data for 12 months before the first injury.
Now that I’ve started training again, what is the best way to ensure my fitness signatures, training and recovery load are correct? Recalculate signature? Delete data and reload them from garmin? Change XPMC settings? Thanks

I would probably start with a clean sheet. Not the best of ways to get Xert to direct you, but if you’ve had long breaks twice in a year, either block before or in between that will not help Xert a lot either.

I was in a similar situation, sustaining an injury in December 2018 and not getting back on the bike before the end of February this year. I struggled with Xert’s recommendations for a while and in the end, I just deleted everything and reloaded the new data I had at the time (about 5, 6 weeks)…

As @Cyclopaat said, having large gaps in your data will affect the accuracy of the Xert fitness predictions. In your situation, I would recommend starting with a fresh slate. You can wipe all previous activities by going to Account Settings --> Manage My Account --> Reset My Account. This will keep your account, but remove all activities from your progression. You can then sync in only your recent rides through Strava. You’ll likely need a few weeks of data before the XATA will provide more meaningful advice, so ride by feel for a couple weeks. HTH

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thank you @Cyclopaat and @ManofSteele.
I have now reset my data. On the plus side, my training load was restarted at a much higher point although I’m sure this will change once training progresses

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