How to reset plan after enormous rides

Hello all,
I am finished with my first highlight of the season, an ultra endurance event with 5 long days in the saddle and endless climbing (1.100 km and 24.000 hm).

I did a week of easy recovery and would like to prepare for my next race in 6 weeks. It will be a 24h race with lots of climbing as well. Therefore I set my athlete type to climber.

The training effort recommend to me is just insane, I am supposed to do 35h a week. How can I adjust the effort to some manageable amount, like 15h a week?

You could go to the Goals function and change the Improvement Rate to an easier level?

That does not do the trick, even with „maintenance“ I still have high volumes (I am usually on an moderate1 improvement rate)

Toughen up young man.

Just kidding. Huge respect for your past event.

Possibly at 6 weeks out, it’s too late to start a Target Event plan, which works off 120 days, so there’s no pre-base and probably little/no base either, so you’re already straight into the Build phase which ramps up the time commitment compared with Base.
Also, given your TL is 170 then Xert knows you’re a beast already and capable of that workload, and indeed would need to sustain that workload to maintain your TL.
I think if you want to ride less, it’s the equivalent of ignoring your coach and doing what you want to do?

Just my thoughts: I’ve never have 170 TL so its like me giving Messi advice on keepy-ups :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha I like that comparison.

thank you, even though I am rather a middleaged women :blush:

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My idea was that the base training I did in the beginning of the season would work for my first event and is now still with me, so I would not need another full set of 120 days.

I am kind of thinking that there must be not just volume, but also intensity. So that I can adjust either of it to still get a good training effort, but maybe I got the concept of xata wrong.

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Oops sorry. :pray:

XATA works on a rolling 7-day period factoring in what you have done in the recent past on same days of the week at the TL you have achieved.
To “reset” you can change IR to Off-Season and ignore the advice as you reduce hours to the weekly load you prefer and establish a new pattern.
Also consider once you’ve reached a high TL you are in full control over your training. As @RobT mentions you determine what directions to take things as you see fit. :wink: You meter the intensity.
Continuous ATP with Climber selected will recommend climbing focus (10:00) activities with Fresh form predicted frequently since your TL is so high.
Consider mixing things up using Filter to select from a variety of focus points and experiment with workouts you haven’t tried before. You’ll likely discover some new favorites that will complement your current fitness and potentially boost it.
Focus types are roughly grouped into four quadrants –

Forget about the middle ages. You’ve reached Middle Earth epic territory. :slight_smile:


thank you, very helpful. I will ignore the pressure and try to see what nevertheless is offered for me. the workouts recommended don’t have the high XSS as in the training advice anyway.

I am in the same situation as you are. In the 10 days now since I finished my ultra event, I did a little over 20 h of (mostly) easy riding, and XATA tells me I still have a deficit of 456 XSS :grinning:

In the first weeks after an event (i.e. now), I ignore Xert, and I just ride like I feel.
My next event is in september, and I 'll start working towards it by the end of this month. This means that I 'll skip base & I 'll start directly with the build phase. And by then, the training volume that Xert wants me to do should be back to something normal. This approach works for me, I found this out by trial and error, not by a sound and scientific training knowledge, so YMMV.

Lots of succes in your next event!


That’s the key (you’re in control and advise the advisor) but it’s also a simple math issue –
Improvement Rate – Xert (

You are waiting for XATA to “catch-up” with what you want to do. :smiley:
Adjusting ramp rate is discussed in this Academy video –

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