How to reset my stats ?


For one week Xert has been giving me crazy numbers: first it told me I was “very tired” just after I took one rest day (before that rest day I was “fresh”) and though since then I tried to reduce my training load, it keeps telling me day after day that I’m very tired. Then, my 'threshold power" and focus power (climber, 10 min w/kg) keep increasing even though I haven’t done any significant workout lately. I was about 275W and 4.5 w/kg one week ago, I’m now 300W and 5.0 w/kg ! Every time I try to force a recalculation of my values, these numbers increase ! I know they are completely unrealistic and if I continue with those values I will be unable to complete most of the upcoming workouts.
Today I tried deleting all my activities and syncing them back from Strava but Xert gives me the same crazy values, in fact my 10 min. w/kg increased again to 5.1 ! I also tried changing the decay method, to no avail.

So, what should I do to get correct values ? Is there a way to completely reset my stats ?

What’s your Decay Method?

Use “No Decay” with care since it is not meant to be used all the time, and certainly not for Progression Recalculations. It’s best used during periods where you’re not going to be doing activities where you reach your limit.

I tried using “No decay” because I’m in “base” phase and doing mostly endurance workouts. At first the numbers looked correct but soon after XATA turned my status to very tired and from that point it seems something is broken. I tried switching back and forth between “No decay” and “Original” but I still get crazy numbers. For ex. my PP/MPA keeps going up, it went from about 850 last week to about 900, then 1000 then 1100, and today it’s 1249 ! Same for my TP, went from low 270s to 280s then 290s and today it’s 300W ! Flattering for me but no way I can sustain that !
So, how do I get back to something more realistic ?

Never do a progression recalc with no decay. Set back to Original and follow the correct procedure and do a recalc. Then follow the correct procedure for turning no decay on.

Thanks, I think I’m getting there…

Could you explain how to do what you are talking about here please. Thanks

How’s and why’s are posted in this article: