How to raise my training load?

I’m currently at 44 and would like to build it up over time. I picked a slow improvement rate for now and plan to increase that as spring approaches. So when it says “you have a training deficit of 4 that will require 0.1 hours of training or 0 activities…” does that mean for today only? So basically I don’t need to train today and it will continue to tell me what I need to do tomorrow to continue to raise my training load? And if I hit the prescribed XSS, it should continue to build? Any other advice?


Hi Steven,

Excellent question. Your training load is essentially a moving weighted average of your daily XSS. If you wanted a training load of 75, you would need to start building and averaging 75 XSS/day.

Correct, the advice on the XATA tab of the Xert home page is your recommended activities from today. If you have time available (and are not too fatigued to handle the workload), you could still select one of the recommended workouts, which will turn that deficit into a surplus. If you are constantly finding yourself with an XSS surplus, it may be a sign that your Improvement Rate can be increased a little more. Hope this helps!