How to Power from HR + Cadence

Hi, i’m new to Xert having imported activities of the last three month (indoor + outdoor rides).
For riding indoors i use a WattBike using a HR strap and messuring Power and Cadence.
Outdoors i’m riding with a HR belt, cadence and speed sensor .

Does Xert calculates HR and cadence into Power/W? For all the outdoor rides, where i ride
with HR and candence sensors, i have no power data. What am i doing wrong?

Actually i track all my outdoor rides with the “Wahoo fitness app” and then sync to Strava.
Might it be better to import my ride (.fit) data manually via “Add files” …avoiding the Strava
analysis algorithm etc?



Go to Account Settings, Profile to enable HRDM (heart rate derived metrics).
Read this help tip article before enabling –
Heart Rate Derived Metrics – Xert (

Ideally you want power, cadence, and HR data from outdoor rides to most accurately calculate metrics for rides without power, but your indoor WattBike data will provide the base data required.

Thanks for the info, i did activate the “heart rate derived metrics”. I may need to read further on, but
changing the metrics didn’t change anything on imported activites. (outdoor ride: HR+cadence).

So, does Xert work with HR and cadence to “generate” power data? I have no power meter on the
bike for outdoor rides.

ps: Actually for one ride (outdoor ride: HR+cadence without power meter) the Strava app calculates
an average power of 96W. I don’t where that is coming from and hoped Xert provides me better info.

If you disable Auto-estimate, enter resting and max HR numbers, and click Save, does a progress bar appear with the message “Processing activities with HR”?

It does appear, but checking activities there’s still “Non-Power Data”.
Am i wrong expecting processed power data to show in activities for rides using HR+cadence sensors?

Actually i like to know (and plan) if rides of the past and the future (using only HR+cadence) are any good for building up my fitness profile (?) OR if only the indoor rides (of the past and future) including power+cadence can be put into account for building the personal fitness profile etc. (since power is not shown, but processed via HR+cadence?)


ps: screenshot below of an activity was taken after processing took place with HR
Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 09.52.21

If an activity was successfully analyzed and metrics derived the title will look like this –

If none of the records without power display the heart icon, file a support request with

HRDM is as a stopgap measure to fill in the blanks for rides without power data. Example, rental while vacationing, commuter rides, or your power meter battery dies on a ride. The latter is what I have used it for, stripping out partially recorded power data using and letting HRDM take over. IME this has been very accurate estimating the missing metrics.

HRDM is not meant to be a complete substitute for no power data on the bike you ride the most.
Keep that in mind as you ponder your next cycling gear investment. :wink:

I dont really know how Strava estimates power… they don’t provide a lot of details about how they do it. I’d definitely take it with a grain of salt :slight_smile:

The activities do show the red heart icon, but also get flagged for having errors. When i further get into the details of any of these (non-power, just HR+cadence) activites i get warning messages.

Therefore: What’s the issue here? Missing power data? I thought …HR+Cadence sensor data do provide.


Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 21.15.58
Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 21.16.09

You will need to file a support request with and they’ll take a look at your data files.

Thanks, i will do that :+1: