How to perform 0w 10min warmup or cooldown

Having been off xert for a while, I noticed a number of 0w power segments in my suggested workouts.

How is this performed? a complete stop or some cycling? any pedalling throws the cadence rate of scale.

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Can you send a link to an example workout?

SMART - HOT BLOODED - 2 for example has 0w for about 10min at warm up and another 10min at cool down

Hi @Kopa ,

I recommend dropping a note with support so we can follow up with you directly. I suspect there’s some anomalies with your data that are affecting your signature.


Thanks Scott, will do that.


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Make sure you’re not choosing a copy of the workout that has an error in it.

Hi Armando, how could I identify the rogue workouts if xert selected one for me?


Why would there be copies of workouts within the “standard” or “coach” list of workouts with errors in them? Are workouts not screened by xert?

The image provided cuts off the top of the Remote Player screen so no title is shown.
There is no way to tell if the workout came from the Standard Library or is a copy saved to the Personal folder. If it did come from the Standard Library then there is a data/signature issue with the subscriber account that needs to be addressed by

Only the Standard Library is curated by Xert although on occasion Xert will promote a Coach entry to Standard. By curated I mean the workout profile has been evaluated and it meets Xert standards for factoring in fitness signature so you don’t end up with workouts in the library prone to fail some users. Instead you want that magic “just hard enough” ending. :smiley:

There are a number of workouts in the Standard library that have zero power between intervals - just do a search for ‘Seiler’.


Yes, but those are stuck in there as is because they replicate the study protocols if anyone’s interested in doing them. :smiley:
In the OP’s case the warm-up and cooldown should reflect Ramp %LTP start/end values if that is indeed the workout from the Standard library…