How to manually set freshness for a day


Xert continues to insist that I am fresh, even if, if the day before, I produced ~300TSS. I know I am not the best tor recover…
Is it possible to change this manually, lets say to tired or “very tired” ?
can Xert learn from this, predicting freshness in the future?


When you’re at 3 stars, you really need more than 250-300 from a fresh state to reach a tired state, at least according to how Impulse Response is typically modeled. We have implemented some logic to weight higher intensity efforts greater than lower intensity. If your history is missing some activities that cause strain, perhaps even things off the bike, you may want to add those in as they can then help provide indication that you’re less fresh than what the system believes. Remember that the system only identifies and colour codes based on the numbers and classifies based on the numbers. It doesn’t really know what you’re feeling. It should only be used to help inform you and not as a substitute for what you’re really experiencing.

While it could be possible to provide feedback to help personalize at what level freshness could be for an athlete, we’d be better to introduce other metrics like HRV, for example, that would avoid having the user enter in inf ormation. NB you can alway looks to modify the Time Constants under My Fitness / Advanced as these can also affect how fresh/tired is determined.