How to manually adjust peak power to get a better fitness signature

I am avoiding peak efforts for a while now because I am trying not to aggravate a back injury. As a result, xert dropped gradually my peak power quite low, from 1000+ to 850 the past six months. I am 99.999% sure that my peak power is not so low but I don’t want to risk nerve irritation just to prove it. From past experience, my peak power real world readings fluctuate from 950 to 1100 watts.

I would not be bothered but I am almost certain that the low peak power results in xert thinking I have much better HIE and TP than I actually have. I am basing it in the experience that every time that I went to do a hard effort outdoors in the past and gained 150 or so watts in my peak power both HIE and TP went down in my signature.

My question is: Can I set the peak power manually to a number I think it is realistic? How do I do this in the timeline so that xert will recalculate my signature and my XSS progression? In other words, how do i maintain a peak power value manually and retrospectively make xert use it.



Thanks you!

I’ve done that because of a knee problem.

More info in this short thread —
When to use the "extract"button in "advancede mpa"tab - General - Xert Community Forum (

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