How to load a new workout on Garmin 520?

I did one workout - loved it! But, now I am not able to load another work out? I have picked one online in the full web application, can see it and select it on Mobile Xert, but cannot seem to get it over to the Garmin 520. Keep getting “HTTP Request Error Workout Ready” message. Thank you, John

Found the answer on the FB forum (I have grown to dislike FB, but in this case, it was beneficial). The answer was to disconnect the app in GCM and reload, relogin. Then it worked. The HTTP error went away, and the new workout loaded to the 520. Yay!

I have had this same problem. Unfortunately, I am not on FB so don’t have access to the solution. Could you explain in more detail?

Is there a fix in the works for this? A user shouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops just to change workouts.

I should add, it seems that the key on the 520 is to make sure it is connected to the mobile phone with Garmin Connect App, click on Notifications in the Garmin Connect App (the little mail tray upper left hand corner in my app), and make sure any sign in notifications for Xert have been addressed. Sometimes just making sure Xert has been logged in takes care of the rest of the issues.

The HTTP Request Error has been fixed in the latest app. Just need to exit and re-login. As John says, look for notifications on the phone.

Still having problems loading new workout onto my 520. Is there someplace I can get clear, step-by-step instructions on how to do this? Please don’t refer me to Facebook as I don’t have an account. Specifically, on what program/device/app do I select the new workout, and how do I get it from there onto the player? For background, today I uninstalled and re-installed the CIQ player on Garmin Connect Mobile (and also uninstalled and re-installed Garmin Connect Mobile in case that’s what the above message referred to) then opened the Xert mobile app on my android, went to workouts, and selected 3x30 over-unders. 520 on and connected to phone via Garmin Connect Mobile, CIQ player selected on 520, player shows premium workout being loaded, workout loaded, hit start and voila! Hardness test #8 shows up. As it has since I somehow managed to load it this Spring. Why can I not change the workout on the player?

When you click and open a workout in the Workout Designer, there is a Select Workout button on the top right. Use that to select the workout. If you have a workout scheduled in your calendar, it will automatically get selected when its scheduled time arrives. In both cases, when you run the Garmin Workout Player, it will download the workout that has been selected and allow you to play it.

You can reference which workout’s been selected on your My FItness page when you login. When you click on the Remote Player, it will show your current selected workout and be ready to show you the data from Garmin/Xert Mobile when you’re in the middle of it.