How to know what changes in a Break(fake)through? A suggestion

Always I get a Break(fake)through, it is a bit annoying to try to find out which parameters change (it is obvious when you get a gold medal) and for how much. I could more or less find that information in the progression chart. However, some times the changes are so small that when I get a fakethrough I do not know what parameter changed because of decay or because of the fakethrough.
It would be nice if you could add this extra information in the activity details when you get a Break(fake)through.
For example for a Breakthrough you could add:
PP: 800, HIE: 16 -> 19.9, TP: 240 ->250
Similarly with a fakethrough:
PP: 800, HIE: 16, TP: 250 ->240
Where the previous data could be the ones that appear on the previous activity, or the ones that would appear in case there was no Break(fake)through, thus taking also into account the decay.

Thañks. We have some changes planned along these lines. Stay tuned.

Nice, thanks. Will it happen in the coming days? weeks? or months?

We have a planner update coming out next. This will likely come out after that. No committed timeframe.