How to get Xert workouts to my Wahoo Element for outdoor training

I may be being thick here.

Is there a way to get Xert workouts to upload to a wahoo?
Such that I can do the interval training outside?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Ethan,

Xert does export workouts in TCX format, but if I remember correctly, Wahoo doesn’t like the files. ATM I don’t think there is an easy way to do it.

Hi, @Ethros.

It’s possible! I do it all the time but it is long winded to get set up. Once you’ve set it up though it’s very easy to get them across.

What you need:

  1. A free Trainer Day account
  2. A free Training Peaks account
  3. Your Wahoo Fitness account

Get all three set up and make sure that your FTP matches your Threshold Power on each one so that the workouts stay the same across the platforms.

Link your Trainer Day account to your Training Peaks account.
Link your Training Peaks account to your Wahoo Fitness account.
Download your desired workout from Xert as a .ZWO file.
Open your Trainer Day account and go to ‘Create Workout’
Click on the right hand side that says ‘Create a workout from [ZWO, ERG or MRC]’
Choose your .zwo file and upload it. Hit SAVE!
Then on ‘My Workouts’ in Trainer Day hit ‘SEND TO’ and choose Training Peaks.
Go to Training Peaks and it should be on your calendar, drag it to whatever day you want to do the workout and it should sync straight up to your Wahoo so you can select the workout from there.

I did say it was long winded… :smiley:

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I have been using the above method for the past year but after coming back after a break in training I have found out that trainer day have made the calendar sync a premium feature :frowning: . Is there an alternative method to get workouts to TP to sync with Wahoo without me having to pay for Trainer Day and Xert?

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I sold my Wahoo and went back to Garmin with a 1030 plus…problem solved

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