How to get raw power data from Apple Watch to Xert

I’m using Apple Watch power meter support, and it looks like my raw power meter data isn’t getting all the way to Xert. Here’s the sequence:

  • SRM power meter and Polar hrm connected to Apple Watch.
  • Apple watch data uploads to Strava, and Xert gets it from Strava.

After a ride, Strava shows estimated average power without avg/max metrics.
Xert lists power under a “Non-Power Data” tab.

When I use the power meter with a Garmin Edge (and Garmin Connect), Strava shows weighted average power, and avg/max watts. Xert has a tab that lists MPA analytics.

Any suggestions? Winter temps here are well below freezing & I’m concerned about battery life with an Edge & bar mount. Thanks!

How do you upload the data from Apple Watch to Strava? And which app on the Apple Watch do you use for recording the ride?

Maybe you can include a screenshot from the Apple activity app showing the power data.

It looks like you are not recording the power data or the app that is uploading the data to Strava only uploads the non-power data.

I assume you are using the native Workout app. I would recommend trying Workoutdoors in combination with Healthfit. I have not tried this with a cycling power meter but I use it for running and it’s been excellent. BTW I get much more battery life from Garmin 530 than Apple Watch 8, although using the phone for gps helps a lot. Worth a look.

Garmin Edge –
Operating temperature range | From -20º to 60ºC (from -4º to 140ºF)
Charging temperature range | From 0º to 45ºC (from 32º to 113ºF)

I believe the issue is app related, but if you can’t get Apple Watch to cooperate and are only concerned with capturing data (not monitoring any metrics), you could stow the Edge unit in an inner pocket to raise the temp. In similar fashion you can run the EBC app on your phone to record outdoor rides.

Thank you, Hans. I’ve been using the Workout app on my watch, which stores data on the iPhone Health app. The Health app syncs to Strava on the iPhone and beyond.

I haven’t gotten a screenshot, but I’ve been checking the watch display during rides to make sure it’s registering watts. If I don’t figure out an alternative soon I’ll get screenshots.

As you mentioned, it looks like the app is not uploading the actual power data. The Garmin-based tcx file shows watts in the “Extensions” element; the Apple watch tcx output doesn’t.

Thanks, John. I am using the native Workout app, and I will definitely look into Workoutdoors. I didn’t think of using a 3rd-party Watch app (even though I have one for skiing). That’s interesting about your battery life - I think that’s true for my Edge and Apple Watch also.

Thank you - and yes, about the operating temp range. After a few cold dark night-riding experiences (years ago) I question battery life at cold temps, even though batteries are better these days.

I think it’s probably app related too. I’ll try the EBC app on my phone, as well as the Workoutdoors phone/watch app mentioned by John. Worst case I’ll find a place in my pack where the Edge could stay warmer and still receive data (I am only interested in capturing data). Thanks!