How to get a new profile after 6 months no use

Not been Using xert for about 6 months. However did not go back in fitness as much as xert thinks (ftp decreased from 290 to 165 which is way too low). How do I put in reasonable values to start again (without spending time on more or less useless low traings first :wink: )

Do you mean no data imported during last 6 months or no data with maximal efforts during that time?
There is more than one way to resolve this, but if you have known power curve numbers, I believe an easy way is to use the Power Curve & Calculator on left sidebar menu of XO.
Enter some known values, calculate, observe the power curve, then save as signature if you agree with the estimates. You only need a ballpark baseline then move forward from there with your new activities.

Couple of alternatives to @ridgerider2 in addition. I’m assuming you have data and it’s just about decay, in which case easiest are

  1. do a breakthrough effort to reset your signature (just ride to failure over e.g. 5 to 10 minutes… steady or on-off, Zwift race… as you like…)
  2. if you don’t want to do that, switch to ‘no decay’ in your profile, then go back to your last breakthrough (the one with 290W), go to advanced MPA, then save / lock your signature - from then on it will move up and down with training load. Worth testing that signature with a breakthrough at some point, but less urgent

The advantage of 2) is that if you have been training / riding, the training load calculations will be more accurate (as it’s a relative measure vs your signature)

Great, thank you!