How to force update to Garmin data fields

Such as ttr/tte, MPa and fat/carbs. They have not been updating I think because I don’t have data on the phone (where I am now) and wifi only. Obviously I lose the wifi v signal when I leave riding. They always updated after riding for a little bit. I would prefer not to ride around the inside of the house of I can avoid it.


In my experience, they will update anyway, if you switch your Garmin on and press start, a few minutes before you leave. If they do not update within 5 minutes or so, you may want to check your settings and / or disconnect and reconnect Xert…

If you start an activity in your house, the data fields will update (dots will go green). Once they do, you can discard the activity. When you start an activity later (where fields cannot update), they wont be able to update so they will use the signature that was last fetched.

Same for the workout player…if you want to do a workout but will be out of data connection later, open app the load the workout while you have a data connection. When you launch the workout player later, it will use whatever workout (and signature) was last loaded on the app. HTH

Is it a limitation of Garmin data fields that they can only update after the workout has started? I really want them to update once you’ve selected the workout type and are waiting for other devices and GPS to connect.