How to fix " No power data" activities

My Vector poweer pedals stopped working and my last 3 rides show" no power data". For the last rise Strava gave me a powr value of 217 Watts, It makse sense as I averaged 22 mph. How so I add power data manually tthe activity! Thnaks

You can’t add power data to an activity in Xert. However, you can estimate the XSS and Focus/Specificity for a non-power activity. Click on those activities in planner view and you’ll be prompted to enter that information. Cheers

Should these activities be deleted? Does Xert take the estimated power from strava? Or does it omit these activities?

Hi Nick!

Xert doesn’t take Strava’s estimated power… instead we estimate XSS, Focus, Power, etc. based on your historical HR/Power/Cadence from other activities uploaded to the system with Power.

See our support documentation on HRDM here:


Perfect. Thanks for getting back to me. I have all my commutes on strava and there’s no HR or power on those. Thought they might twist the data if it was using estimated power.

Is this still valid? While I can edit the XSS field, my change doesn’t seem to stick. Why not use the Strava estimated power or your own (based on HR or simply GPS and rider profile data)? Certainly some estimated power is more useful than nothing for some aspect of the XATA? I know you now offer Derived Power from HR data, but HRM are so flaky. Aren’t even the most basic estimates from good GPS data and rider profile (weight, height, etc.) easy to calculate and have at least some value if only to save users from having to manually guess at XSS for example (assuming this can actually be edited manually as being discussed in this topic)?