How to find Workouts easier with levels like "aerobic" "tempo" "threshold"?


is there a way to find workouts easier, for me words like:

Sweet Spot
VO2 Max

are easier, as the Xert wordings?

For some of them i find workouts, but for exapmple no Anaerobic workouts!

Or is there a Translation Table, so i can say a Anaerobic named in Xert with xxxxxx?

This naming scheme is typically associated with Power ‘Zones’… Xert doesn’t use zones, since the body functions on a continuous spectrum, not discrete zones. Instead, Xert uses FOCUS as a continuous measure of intensity.
Longer focus durations (20:00 and greater) are associated as being more aerobic intensive. Note that Threshold would be lumped into endurance, since most strain accumulated at TP is still attributed to your low-intensity system (e.g. TP system).
Workouts with a shorter focus (3:00-8:00) are likely stimulating VO2max & anaerobic systems.
Even shorter focus durations (2:00 and less) are sprint-intensive.

TLDR, Most ‘Aerobic’ workouts are going to be the Sub-TP (around LTP) Endurance Focus workouts (you can also filter by 2.0 diamond difficult if you really want to narrow the selection to easier aerobic)
For VO2max/anaerobic, select Puncheur - Rouleur focus workouts (4-6min focus)
For Sprint workouts, select Power Sprinter - Pursuiter focus workouts (10s - 3 min focus).



Thanks, really helpfull

In the past, sports scientists and coaches attempted to attach physiological concepts to intensities but in reality things work on a continuum. For example, “neuromuscular” would be assigned to Zone 7 but all intensities have some neuromuscular component only it reaches a maximum near peak power. Aerobic/anaerobic zones are misnomers and should be removed from the training vocabulary. All intensities are both aerobic and anaerobic to some degree.

What the old ways don’t even attempt to identify is how things change with fatigue. Zone 3 has a vastly different training stimulus when it is performed when MPA is near Peak Power vs. when MPA is near TP.

So we use Focus and Specificity Rating to help identify which systems are under strain during a workout or ride. They are fatigue sensitive and apply (nearly) continuously.