How to enter activity manually?

Newbie here. My early Strava has no power data so I need to enter them manually. how do you do that? Also, would be nice if there were a search function on the forum here. Thanks!

Click the date on the calendar. (Sorry… a bit different, yes).

Okay. I import the strava activity, but then where to put in the power numbers (estimated by strava)? I’ve looked for how to do this. This seems like something many xert members will need to do, at least those of us new to training with a power meter. Maybe a video would help?

Rather than update the data on the activity from Strava, just create a shadow activity beside it with the data. That way if ever the system needs to resync your Strava rides, you don’t have to re-enter all the data again.

Thank you so much for replying. Of all the aps and websites I’ve tried, I have the most interest in Xert. I don’t know what ‘shadow activity’ means. I tried to search it on xert and baron. I also searched for ‘how to enter power numbers manually’. --I can add an activity but I can’t currently enter the power numbers. But, I’m asking another question on the forum above which might be the answer, anyhow, which is, would it be easier to just erase everything and start over with an FTP test, so that the FTP test activity would be the very first activity from which xert’s algorithm would work from. Again, I’m sold on the aps, I just don’t know how to use the interface, yet.

Xert works best if you have a number of months worth of data. In fact, the new planner bases predictions on historical performances with training loads/volume. The more data, the better we can identify your fitness at those times, the better the system can predict how you will improve with your training.

A shadow activity is one where you click on the calendar and enter in the details of an activity that occurred on the same day to track the training information that’s missing. This helps better identify your accumulated training loads used in predicting your future fitness.

Once you have a good amount of data, the you can seed your progression (See FAQ) and this should get everything all set up properly.