How to disable power smoothing on Xert

Basically what the title says. It basically leads to breakthroughs being near breakthroughs because Xert for some reason chops off 100 Watts from my bigger efforts even though I know I have actually done those efforts, because I feel them during the moment (I push harder for a second and then go back to what Xert says. But I’ve definitely pushed a little harder for a second or two).


See here for an example:

XO does filter out unusual power spikes when activities are uploaded.
Otherwise EBC is recording the power you produce second to second which you can see plotted on the power chart in the Session Player. If you don’t see a spike there it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

What are you using to dual record like that?

Frequent Near BT’s mean your signature is dialed and the algorithm is working as designed. Consider a Near BT as “signature validation”. :ballot_box_with_check:
If you want to ensure a BT when MPA is drawdown, switch to Slope mode so you can exceed power, duration, or both. A max effort should be a minimum of 5-7 secs for best results.
If in AUTO mode under ERG control the interval may end before you’ve maxed out.