How to create a little bit of excitement with Xert

My subscription ended in late May and for various reasons I had a delay in renewing.
Rejoined again today and had the excitement of loading about 15 rides.
I thought I might possibly have had two breakthroughs but wasn’t sure.
Watching all the calculations taking place and then finally seeing one BT and a near BT was very satisfying.

Glad to have rejoined, I have been a member for quite a few years now but never really utilised the training advice functionality but I am going to try a few sessions and see how that goes.

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Welcome back John.

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Welcome back John!
I can say that Xert has become the primary program I am using. It has caused me to realize the value of long “easy” rides over HIT training for increasing my fitness. Compared to others in my age category I am still a relatively weak rider, but I can see and feel the improvements coming along.
I am not only using Xert for my indoor winter riding but also incorporating much of Xert to my outdoor riding as well.


Welcome back John! We have some exciting new features that will be arriving shortly which I think will definitely create some curiosity and interest in the Xert platform, both for the highly competitive, racing types as well as for athletes who simply to challenge themselves (or for fun too :wink: ).

We always strive to create new & innovative ideas that you simply can’t get elsewhere. I think we’ll continue to carry on that tradition with the next update :slight_smile:


Sorry to be an old curmudgeon but before you do all that can you please incorporate the “Power Scaling” feature that is on the old IoS onto the EBC apps for Android & IoS. It seems such a simple thing to do I really can’t understand why you don’t do it. Sorry to highjack the thread. Welcome back @johnnybike