How to choose workouts?

Maybe this already has been covered but how does everybody pick their workouts for the day? For example if I look at my profile now and Select a recommended workout automatically for tonights session, it gives me a workout. But then if I got to fitness planner and have that automatically create recommended workout it picks something different. This confuses me and I wondered why it happens?

I’m not sure, but it seems like it pick randomly from a list of recommended choices. Also, the planner is picking a workout for your freshness and progression as it will be tomorrow, the advisor is picking one based on those values as they are right now. That’s conjecture, but it fits the evidence I have.

Oh… I pick my workout just before I’m about to get on the bike. I just go with the advisor’s pick that fits my time constraints. It does a good job for me.

Same here. I just accept the suggested workout for the today (as of now) or click Load More and scroll down to a higher XSS entry or something different with same stars.
If you switch to the planner and click the autoecommend icon for right now I think it does the same thing as the “choose another” refresh icon does to the left of the recommended workout.

To clarify there are multiple options under the Training Advisor to select a workout.
A. Accept the recommended workout as of right now (make sure your browser window has refreshed if you leave it up all the time).
B. Click the “choose another” refresh icon to the left of the checkbox for an alternate automatic selection.
C. Scroll down and select from the 4 recommended workouts. The one currently recommended has a checkmark on the right.
D. Click Load More below the list and pick from a longer list which includes entries of increasing intensity.
E. Go wild and click the new ‘Workout Filter with Options’ icon to the right of “Advisor Recommended Workouts” and pick any workout you want by duration and focus type.

The Planner is normally used if you want to plan workouts in the future for as many days/weeks in advance as you like.
I prefer the recommended workout for today (or an alternate) and trust in the phased progression to advance difficulty (stars/type) as I approach my first goal date for this year (April 15th).

Thanks for all you replies. I’ll just use the recommended workouts option for the moment as I plan all my target events/races in training peaks still as Xert doesn’t give me that ability yet, so don’t really need to use the fitness planner much.